Matthew Centrowitz: 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist- 1500m



I’ve known Sean for many years now and he’s a very hard working guy. He’s a great trainer and really knows what he’s doing. I’d highly recommend any of my Olympic teammates and friends to him.

Leah W: Unofficial Pull-up Champ! Brandon H: 20% Weight Loss!
I trained with Sean for two years in Washington DC. I’m in my mid-forties, and he got me into the best shape of my life!  I went from being able to do one straight pull-up to doing 10.  Sean always focused on my particular goals, whether it was training for an ice-climbing trip, learning to do a hand stand, or teaching me workouts I could do while traveling. I loved his range of expertise and his creativity: workouts could include olympic lifts or monkey bars (literally).  He knew how to push me further than I would have thought possible, yet he was always very attentive to my form.  Best of all, he was really fun to spend time with and I always looked forward to the workouts.  San Francisco’s gain is DC’s loss! I trained with Sean O’Brien for 2.5 years in Washington, DC.  In addition to being a great guy, Sean is a very effective trainer!  Sean was creative with my workouts, responsive to my requests and goals, and catered to my evolving fitness over time. Sean motivated me inside and outside the gym to make positive changes in my life, which I maintain today. While training with Sean I lost 20% of my starting body weight, and went from jogging/walking 13 minute miles to running half marathons and sprinting 3 minute half-miles. The vast improvements in my health and fitness were, in large part, the result of Sean’s educational and professional experience and his commitment to me.  Train with Sean!
Julie Cully: 2012 Olympian 5000m – Head Coach Georgetown University Track Team
 julie Sean O’Brien is an exceptional athlete turned trainer who understands the needs and demands of a professional, but has the knowledge, desire, and passion to work with individuals of all levels, ages, and abilities.  He is creative, meticulous, and delivers an attainable, yet highly challenging workout.  Sean has an excellent understanding of the human body and is committed to educating his clients while simultaneously motivating them through each individual exercise.  He has traveled across the globe and brings a wealth of knowledge of different practices into his client’s routines.  He mentored me both physically and emotionally through injury and I returned to the track faster than when I left.  He is the most dedicated, attentive, and devoted trainer I’ve ever worked with.
James W: Advanced Mountaineer! Cristina B: Expert Rehaber!
Few things in life turn out as publicized. One of those few is training with Sean. Sean listened to my goals, tailored training sessions to address those goals, and motivated me to train with intensity. As a result, I was physically prepared for ascents of Mt. Baker’s North Ridge, Forbidden’s West Ridge, and other trips. And he’s a great guy! “I started working with Sean when I broke my foot – making me a competitive runner that couldn’t run.  He worked with me to craft a program that maintained my strength and set me up well to return to running once my foot healed.  Even after I was back on the road, I continued to work with Sean, learning how to use props like medicine balls and hurdles to improve my running.  My work with Sean directly paid off, and I do not hesitate in recommending him highly.”
 Nick Symmonds: 5th Place in the 800m at the 2012 Olympics

Having trained and competed alongside Sean for several years, I can attest to both his work ethic and his incredible knowledge of all things fitness related

 Claire B: Improved 5k’er! Terri D: 3 dress sizes!
Sean is straight-up amazing. I was a private training client with Sean for two years. He consistently inspired me to work just a little bit harder than I thought possible. And I saw the results. My times for a 10-miler and several 5ks surpassed my expectations. Better still, he taught me how sustain a core level of fitness that has served me well in avoiding injuries and performing at my best.  Sean was incredibly patient and never gave up on me; with his encouragement, I eventually started to see results and grew excited about the potential for change.I lost a substantial amount of weight and dropped 3 dress sizes. But even more importantly, my confidence and interest in health and fitness have improved immeasurably. Sean varies my training sessions enough to keep me interested and motivated. He’s also very good at modifying exercises for my body’s limitations (Including an ankle injury that I’ve had for years), while keeping them challenging and improving those weaknesses. Rather than focusing on quick weight loss, Sean has taught me to focus on my overall health, including strength training, core strength, and flexibility. As a result, I’ve noticed substantial improvement in all of those areas and my outlook on health and fitness has never been better.

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