First V10 Boulder Problem!

Bound By Tension from Sean OBrien on Vimeo. This is something I’ve been striving towards for a long time. I started working this problem (trying different moves) almost a year ago, making the 75 min (beautiful) drive up the coast pretty frequently. I’ve come super close on two other V10’s but it felt great to … Continue reading First V10 Boulder Problem!

New Ninja Warrior Video

Here’s the new American Ninja Warrior audition video for the upcoming season.  It’s a little goofy as they tell me wackiness sells, and in my defense I made it in less then a week.  Skip the first minute if you want to get to the action and if anyone is curious those are the “Full … Continue reading New Ninja Warrior Video

Catching Up

It’s been a long time since I’ve checked in via blog form so here we go.  Training in SF is going great! I’ve moved to almost exclusively training out of Diakadi as I like the layout, setup and people there so much. I recently put on a clinic at Diakadi called “Run Healthy” that was … Continue reading Catching Up

A good weekend for healthy exercise and unhealthy eating

I was speaking with a client on Saturday when he asked me a question I get fairly often “Do you ever eat bad stuff?” “Well,” I said, “Last night I went with a friend to Off the Grid Fort Mason where a friend and I shared: A pork belly sandwich, a bowl of ramen, a … Continue reading A good weekend for healthy exercise and unhealthy eating

Antagonistic Muscle Group Supersets w/Leah

New video I edited together from a workout I put my client Leah through.  Basically we were demonstrating how by using antagonistic (opposing) muscle group supersets you can get a really intense workout, rest one muscle group while the other is working, and get the heart rate super high.  We had some problems with the … Continue reading Antagonistic Muscle Group Supersets w/Leah